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About Me

About Me

I'm a filmmaker. wife, and mom. I love people and their soul. Camera is fun but to me it's only a tool to capture the moments of emotion because photos preserve the moments and videos keep the live memory to last a lifetime. 


​Weddings are my passion. Babies and children are just little angels that are as pure as diamonds and as shiny as the stars. It's my mission to capture their moments so they can relive on it whenever they want.


I appreciate the beauty of nature and try to learn gardening since Covid-19. I love playing piano, reading books, watching tv shows and films, traveling with my loving husband and two beautiful boys, meeting new people, and serving the community for the better.


My life is just full of laughter and thankfulness and I cherish it every second. That's why I enjoy finding others' moments like that and want to do my best to capture it for them so they can cherish them and revisit the moments as long as they want.

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